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  1. Desired Facilities:
    5.1. Rehabilitation process for spinal paralysis, limbless-ness.
    5.2. Facilities to cater for:
    5,2.1.    Neuromuscular disorders.
    5.2.2.    Brain Injuries.
    5.2.3.    Degenerative Central Nervous System (CNS) diseases.
    5.2.4.    Movement Disorders.
    5.2.5.    Cardiac and Respiratory Rehab Care.
    5.2.6.    Chronic Pain Syndrome.
    5.2.7.    Joint Disorder.
    5.2.8.    Mental Disorder.
    5.2.9.    Alternative Medicine.
    5.2.10. Obesity Control.
    5.2.11  Drug Addiction.
    5.3. Specialized care facility with qualified staff capable to assess impact of injuries using cutting edge technologies.
    5.4. In-house development of innovative Technologies.
    5.5. Implementation of personalized rehab paradigm to meet individual needs using latest rehab technologies and latest therapies.
    5.6. Designing and implant of personalized prosthesis.
    5.7. Facilities to provide psychological, emotional and mental support.

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