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  1. The Requirement:

    Imagine your son or daughter buried under a school building that has just collapsed after a massive bomb blast or an earthquake. If you are lucky and you can pay for the services, you may manage to get an emergency treatment at one (at best two) of your ill-equipped hospitals. Your loved one may survive, albeit with debilitating spinal paralysis or being limbless. You wish that your son or daughter had been killed…instead of being a liability to which you have no resources or means to attend to. Even if you could afford, you do not have access to a reliable, specialized care facility to look after your loved one. You can take the child abroad but how can anyone support a long drawn costly rehabilitation process in a foreign land! Reflect on the plight of those Pakistanis, who earn $ 4 per day and have no choice but to let their disabled child languish on the footpaths, begging for his or her own sustenance from masses – who are themselves struggling to make ends meet.

    Now – imagine a specialized care facility where there is a qualified staff that can assess the impact of your loved ones injuries with the aid of modern, cutting edge procedures. Based on in-house developed, innovative technologies, this facility implements a personalized rehabilitation paradigm to meet the individual needs of your son or daughter. Using latest rehabilitation technologies the center can provide regular therapies, design and implant personalized prosthesis as well as provide psychological, emotional and mental support. No longer do you have to take your child from one facility to the other in search of quality care – nor do you have to contemplate traveling to another country for the latest in rehabilitative care. Your son and daughter become respected citizens of Pakistan who will find employment and become taxpayers rather than a tax burden. This facility can also help you –should you suffer a heart attack or a stroke.

    Now imagine that the proposed (I R R & I C) may one day make the desired world class rehabilitation care available right here in Islamabad turning a dream into reality.


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